Tax Preparation

Don't let April 15th take you by surprise. We offer numerous tax preparation services.

Individual Tax Return Preparation - Due date April 15

Corporate Tax Return Preparation - Due date April 15

Partnership Tax Return Preparation - Due date March 15

Trust and Estate Tax Return Preparation - Due date           March 15

E-File Services Tax Return Preparation - All returns are           processed through the E-file IRS system

Extensions are available for each type of tax return, however an extension must be filed on or prior to the original due date. Late filing penalties can apply if not timely filed. If you get close to a due date, contact us for an extension.

Litigation Support

At times it is necessary in court proceedings to have an accountant provide research, testimony, or evidence on how exactly finances influence the case. At Randal H. Anderson, P.C., we have extensive experience in providing litigation support to objectively present cases. Here are some services we provide as a means of litigative support:

Expert Witness

Forensic Accounting

Divorce Community Property Divisions

Loss Profit and Damage Calculations

Shareholder Disputes 

Business Financial Services

Having an experienced accountant is an essential component of any successful business. We provide high-quality services for our clients -- whether the business is a small business sole proprietor, partnership, or a closely held corporate entity. Here are some services we provide for businesses:

Corporate Tax Return Preparation

Partnership Tax Return Preparation  

Payroll Tax Returns - 941, 940, W-3, W-2's, State

Insurance audits for your Workmans Compensation           Policy

Full payroll check preparation services for company           employees including direct deposit and tax deposits

Cash Flow Analysis and Budgeting

QuickBooks Consultation and Account Construction

Business Planning and Entity Selection

Full Bookkeeping Services

Financial Statement preparations

Forensic Accounting services 

Individual Financial Services

Staying on top of your personal finances can be overwhelming. Here at Randall H. Anderson, P.C., it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we offer free year round financial and tax planning for existing customers. Here are some services we provide:

Individual Tax Return Preparation

Trust and Estate Tax Return Preparation

Trustee and Guardianship services

E-File Services

Forensic Accounting services

Financial Statement preparations

Income tax planning

Estate and Trust planning